MindfulAthletics is shifting the way athletes identify and honour their mental health.

MindfulAthletics focuses on maximizing an individuals capacity in their personal and sporting life.

MindfulAthletics offers one on one meetings and team workshops. Such services explore mental wellness, further develop one’s capacity to cope, and encourage individuals to support one another both personally and athletically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it important to talk about mental health with athletes?

  • 20% of all Canadians will personally experience a mental health illness in their lifetime (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2014)
  • 63% of student athletes have reported an emotional or mental health issue that has affected their athletic performance (Donohue et al., 2013)
  • Athletes have been identified to experience unique stressors that hinder their mental health which includes the pressure to achieve success in multiple life domains of their lives (Evans, Weinberg, & Jackson, 1992)

How can this help an individual athlete, team, parent or coach?

  • Important question! Simply put, we believe that when people are given a safe space to honour their mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health they will have a better chance of reaching their full capacity both personally and athletically

How do you ensure confidentiality ?

  • We take confidentiality VERY seriously and ask participants to do the same
  • There are many different and important parts to keeping things confidential and understanding the limits we have as therapists to keep information confidential
  • Confidentiality is discussed and further explored with participants prior to individual meetings and workshops

Do you follow a specific code of ethics?

Why is it important for these groups to be facilitated by therapists?

  • We aren’t making this stuff up! Coupled with our fierce passion for working with the athletic community we utilize the latest counselling and athletic research to inform our workshop topics, and individual meetings
  • We are prepared and ready to deal with intense emotions and situations that may arise
  • Based on our code of ethics, training, and experience we know when to recommend different supports or refer an individual to another service that better suits their needs

How do you measure whether or not such workshops and individual meetings are benefiting athletes and parents?

  • We strongly believe providing people with a safe, non-judgmental, and caring environment is extremely beneficial for reaching one’s full capacity both personally and athletically
  • We have piloted the workshops and received very positive feedback
  • We are currently exploring and investigating measurement tools

What is the cost?